The Blog Log:

  • Cookbooks 365: Join me as I undertake a year long quest to use the cookbooks on my shelves by cooking at least one new recipe a day from them and share with you my results.

  • In Search of Self:  General musings about life, the universe and everything.

  • The Scrapping Post: My creative outlet blog, where I share freebies, templates, my creations and inspirations and project ideas.


The Rest of the Story...

After many years of uninterrupted online service, this site is now undergoing a complete overhaul. Over time a site develops many pages that are both of frequent use and of no use, and it is time for those pages to be recreated to better serve those who need them. If you have found yourself at this page then please bear with us as we work to bring a better site online. If you are looking for particular content and want to ensure that we bring that content back online in the redesign, please email the webmaster letting her know what content it is you are looking for. Apologies in advance for content which you will not find now, but a quick email to the webmaster will help you to gain that content if so desired. Thank you again for your patience and understanding as we undertake this mammoth task...



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